The pay survey covers all employees

The pay survey must cover all groups of employees and all employees in the service of the employer.

The pay survey applies to employees who are union members as well as employees who are not union members.

Employees are included in the pay survey regardless of how they are paid. The pay survey will be carried out on employees paid hourly, monthly or based on performance. 

The pay survey must also cover the pay of part-time or fixed-term employees. In the pay survey part-time employees' pay can be taken into account in relation to their working time, and it can be compared to the pay of full-time employees doing the same work or work of equal value.

Carrying out pay surveys on agency workers' pay is the responsibility of the company who hires out labour (the agency) who has an employment relationship with the hired labour. The company (the user company) who hires labour from another company does not have to include the pay of agency workers in its own pay survey. However, regarding the parts of the equality plan that concern matters where the user company also has supervisory powers over agency workers, it would be justified to also include agency workers in the equality plan. Such matters include e.g. sexual or gender-based harassment, as well as the division of duties and working conditions.