Gender cannot influence the price of insurance policies

Insurance policies

Gender cannot influence the price of insurance policies granted to consumers. The European Court of Justice made a preliminary ruling in this matter in March 2011. The ruling states that gender-based pricing of insurance policies granted to consumers must end by 21 December 2012.

The directive on equal treatment of men and women in the access to and supply of goods and services gave European Union member states the opportunity to deviate from the directive in the pricing of insurance policies. The condition was that the actuarial data and statistics must be reliable, regularly updated and publicly available. Finland took advantage of this opportunity.

When the directive in question was being drafted, the Ombudsman for Equality was already of the opinion that gender should not be used as an actuarial factor at all, and that the pricing of insurance policies should be the same for men and women.

In Finland it is still allowed to use gender as an actuarial factor for insurance policies granted before 21 December 2012. In insurance policies granted after this date it is no longer allowed to use gender when calculating insurance premiums or benefits, or to have different premiums or benefits based on gender.

(Press release from the Ombudsman for Equality of 08 June 2011)