The educational institution's equality plan

The equality plan, which is to be drafted in educational institutions, is a tool for preventing discrimination based on gender which supports the promotion of gender equality in schools. The purpose of the equality plan is to ensure that educational institutions are engaged in systematic work to promote equality.

It is important in regards to equality work that the work is based on the needs of the educational institution and its students. When the educational institution drafts an equality plan that aligns with its needs, the commitment towards promoting equality will also be stronger.

The equality plan must include a review of the equality situation in the educational institution, the necessary measures to promote equality and an assessment of the implementation and results of measures included in the previous plan.

The obligation to draft an equality plan which aims to develop the educational institution's operations applies to all institutions providing statutory education or training. At the beginning of 2015 the obligation was extended to also include schools providing education under the Basic Education Act. These schools must draw up their equality plans by 1 January 2017.