Comparisons across collective agreements

The justification for the regulations on pay surveys also refer to comparisons of salaries across collective agreements. An assessment of whether equal pay has been achieved between women and men and whether work of the same level of difficulty is treated equally should be carried out when salaries are based on different collective agreements.

When assessing whether different duties are placed on the right level within the employer's remuneration system as a whole, the assessment criteria should be in agreement with the traditional interpretation of the legislation on equal pay (the quality and contents of the work duties and the working conditions), and the assessment should take the characteristics of both female- and male-dominated work into consideration in an appropriate fashion.

In some cases the implementation of equality between employees who are part of different collective agreements can be assessed on a general level based on e.g. whether or not jobs that have been placed on the same pay levels according to the salary amount in euro can be considered to be of equal value. Sometimes, e.g. regarding manager positions, jobs that are part of different collective agreements can be made up of elements that are so similar that it may be enough to compare and assess the differences between the duties when comparing the jobs.