A restaurant has to treat their customers equally

A customer in a restaurant

A restaurant keeper may be guilty of discrimination prohibited in the Equality Act when serving female and male customers differently or under different conditions based on gender.

Entry into a restaurant

Charging men an entrance fee while letting women in for free, or letting two women in for the price of one, violates the Equality Act, as this practice treats men less favourably than women because of their gender.

It is also a violation of the Equality Act to set different age limits for women and men as a condition for entry.

Checking in bags to a cloakroom

A restaurant keeper has the right to restrict their customers' right to take bags into the restaurant based on safety reasons or to maintain order. These restrictions must be directed at both women and men in an equal way.

Therefore men must be allowed to bring a bag into the restaurant which is of the same size as what is allowed for women. Women and men must also be treated equally when it comes to e.g. checking the contents of bags.

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